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“The biggest enemy of health in the world is poverty”
- Kofi Annan

Approximately 1.2 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty in the world at present, with less than one dollar to spend per day.[1] Extreme poverty enhances health problems because people are forced to live in unhealthy environments. Lack of access to clean water, sanitation and primary health care pose a major threat to the security of many individuals. Due to the extensiveness of its consequences, health and development issues are considered one of the most important challenges to Human Security today.

Health threats are often closely connected to the aftermath of an armed conflict or natural catastrophes. The major death tolls risen from armed conflict now comes from post-violence consequences such as diseases and mal-nutrition. Supply of clean water, food and health care after natural catastrophes is crucial for the survival of as many victims as possible. In most cases the international community becomes responsible for the extensive relief work in areas affected.

[1] WHO.

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